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NMC Publishes Results of Educators in Second Life Survey

The New Media Consortium (NMC) conducted a survey of more than 200 educators using Second Life, a virtual world, which is becoming more and more popular among teachers. The results were published a few days ago:

Here is the direct link to the summary (in .pdf format):

Plus the appendix:

A couple of interesting points from the results:

  • over half of the respondents are involved with education-related activities in Second Life
  • two-thirds are planning new educational projects or activities in Second Life
  • well over half of them see high or fairly high potential for education in Second Life

The sample is clearly biased towards the NMC (over half of them are affiliated with an NMC member organization), but this is understandable as it’s only logical that the people they reach to take the survey are somehow related to them. Altogether, very interesting results to a very well-conducted survey.